SCIENZE BIOLOGICHE, GEOLOGICHE E AMBIENTALIGeological SciencesAcademic Year 2022/2023



Expected Learning Outcomes

Acquisition of the ability to recognize the trend of a geological limit and its orientation in 3D space through the use of stratimetry principles, recognition of tectonic structures and their stress fields (principles of structural geology), recognition of the structure in space and time of stratigraphic units and their reciprocal geometric relationships (unconformities). Acquisition of specific knowledge about the paleogeographic/structural domains of Sicily and their kinematic evolution over time.

Course Planning

 SubjectsText References
1Introduction to field geology
2Geological evolution of Sicily
3The rocks in space and time
4Rocks and lithogenetic cycle 
5Deformation of rocks and tectonic structures
63D orientation of geologic layers ad their map representation
7Stratimetric pricniples
8Remote sensisg
9Field examples

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