SCIENZE BIOLOGICHE, GEOLOGICHE E AMBIENTALIGeological SciencesAcademic Year 2022/2023


Teacher: Stefano CATALANO

Expected Learning Outcomes

Understanding the methods and ability in mapping geological-technical units

Understanding the methods and ability in interpreting and using surface and subsurface data in costructing geological-technical cross-sections

Expertise in correctly representing geological-technical data on map and ability in filing them.

Course Structure

The course consists of 7 hours dedicated to the planning of field activities and theory on the techniques in geological-technical mapping. Lectures and extracurricular seminars are also provided on filing geological information by GIS  software.

The course also provides 36 hours of field activities in the surroundings of an urban area with the objective to reconstruct the geological model by acquisition of surface data to combine with subsurface information by bore-hole logs. 

The course completes with 24 hours dedicated to the use of QGis for the computerization of data and map restitution 

Required Prerequisites

Knowledge and skills on:

Physical Geology

Stratigraphic geology


Basics on Geological Mapping


Engineering Geology

Basics on use of Gis

Attendance of Lessons

The attendance is mandatory

Detailed Course Content

The course consists of practical activities aiming at:


Textbook Information

Giorgio Cremonini - Rilevamento Geologico, Ed. Pitagora

Corrado Venturini - Realizzare e leggere carte e sezioni geologiche, Ed. Flaccovio

Course Planning

 SubjectsText References
1Data collectionmapsscientific papersavailable subsurface data
2selecting methodology1/2
3Introduction to the Use of QGisAssisted practical activities
4Field-mappingAssisted practical activities
5drawing the geological cross-sectionsAssisted practical activities
6finalization of the QGis project and restitution of the geological mapAssisted practical activities

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

The exam consists of illustration of the original geological map and related geological cross-sections, produced during the course. 

Examples of frequently asked questions and / or exercises

illustration of geological-technical units

Geometry of geological boundaries on map

Comments on the geological cross-sections 

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